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Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign

The group evolved from four musicians who were best friends and all left high school together to play in a band back in early 1970. Matthew Watson, Tony Roberts, Boobie Townsend and Ricky Jackson were soon joined by Lester Johnson after his tour of duty with the US Army came to an end. Shortly after that they added Pam Tanner, Henry Leon Miles and Ron Hedricks to complete the original Funk Campaign.

The group hit the road and headed West. From 1970 through 1973 they lived in Hollywood, surviving on air, popcorn and hope,


Finally, in 1973 they released their first album for MCA under the production of Wayne Henderson. But the fires of home were a strong pull on the stuggling group so they returned home to Indianapolis in 1974.

As One of the most popular "Naptown" bands of the 70's they continued to evolve with a single release, connoisseurs classic, 'How's Your Wife and My Child' with Tom Washington in the Chitown records studios in 1975.

Also recorded in Chicago in the same sessions were a number of previously unreleased tracks the first of which '69 Cents' b/w 'That Is Why' were recemtly released by Super Disco Edits on 45. This Album is a collection of all the tracks from those sessions available on Vinyl for the first time are gems like 'Love So Strong', 'See The Light' and the real killer funky stepper 'Shell Of A Man'. This three tracks are only available in physical form making this Album an essential purchase. 

The 1975 group consisted of Tony Roberts and Pam Tanner, vocals, Robert "Booby" Townsend Guitar, Lester Lamont Johnson, bass, John R Jackson Keyboards, Matthew Watson drums, Carl Haefeli, trumpet, Henry Leon Miles Sax and Michael John Woods, trombone.

 Limited Edition Japanese Release Vinyl Album £35

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