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Harris & Orr

Bass player Carey Harris and Vocalist Michael Orr came together to release a single album in 1976 called 'Ecstasy, Fantasy & Dreamland' and also called 'Spread Love' both on the Sunstar Label.

Over the years the Album has become harder to source so has been subject to a number of reissues driven primarily by the lead track 'Here I Go (Through These Changes)' available on a 45 for the first time.

Another popular track from the same Album is 'Spread Love' which was released originally as a 45 and has subsequently been reissued in that format several times. However Michael Orr recorded a different version in 1981 on his Album 'Love Will Rise' which is the one included here and also the first time it has been released on 45.

Another essential Collectors Item!







 Limited Edition Japanese Release Vinyl 45 £15

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