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Ricardo Marrero & The Group

The Debut Album "A Taste (1976)" is a hugely in demand and very rare has been reissued several times. A Latin Soul Jazz affair sought after primarily for "And We'll Make Love" which is now available as a 45 for the very first time.


l The album very nearly never got released! It's origins begin in mid 70s New York  and subjected to stolen master tapes, shady deals and records deliberately made NOT to be sold hence the rarity.

It's the story of the musical obsession of one man, Ricardo Marrero, who has devoted his life to music and how he was sold down the river by unscrupulous record industry moguls. Only a handful of original copies of the LP have ever been found selling for as much as

This was Angela Bofill's first group which also included Dave Valetin who later was to be instrumental in helping her land a Solo deal with GRP.

An essential collectors piece!




 Limited Edition Japanese Release Vinyl 45 £15

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