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People's Pleasure

The original release was of this very rare 45 was credited to Everyday People featuring Alexis released in 1976. In the same year a full LP was released by the same band but renamed People's Pleasure which is also incredibly rare.

Bill Brown and Al Hall jr met around 1971, they were both in south central L.A and shared the same apartment building,  Al Hall JR had a group called The Soul Injection signed to A&C Music distributed by Accent Records releasing the hugely in demand and politicaly charged  'Stay Off The Moon' reissued in 2020 by Super Disco Edits. Bill Brown also released his first single on the same label.

Not happy at Accent Records  Bill decided to set up his own label, Brownstone Records. The label was met with some confrontation from other Hollywood labels with many of the Brownstone releases being prevented from reaching stores by other Mafia run labels. 

It was on Brownstone that this track, 'World Full Of People'. was released and then again in the same year on the album but credited to People's Pleasure as it is on this reissue.


However there is also a previously unreleased 'original' version using the same backing track but with different lyrics and with vocals by Bill Brown called 'Time After Time' which was unearthered by Super Disco Edits, released in 2018. it is also available as a free download with this 45 plus the intrumental backing track on the b side of the Vinyl.

Super Disco Edits have released a number of previously unreleased tracks under the guise of Bill Brown & The Soul Injection.

This is the first time 'World Full Of People' has been reissued on a 45 thamks to P-Vine out of Japan.

 Limited Edition Japanese Release Vinyl 45 £15

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