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Roz Ryan

Actress, Comedian and Singer. Although she has an incredible voice her singing career was short lived. She started singing aged 16 years old in her home town, Detroit, in Nightclubs.

She was signed to Stax subsidiary, Volt, releasing a single in 1970 'My Only Temptation' which has become a much sought after and collectable 45 over the years.

However it was her Acting career that took hold she has been in numerous broadway musicals. She even broke the record for the longest serving member of the cast in a lead role in the production 'Chicago'. She has enjoyed an illustrious career on Stage and Screen featuring in numerous TV series and Films as well as a voice actress in high profile animations.

So it would be another 13 years before she had her second release the Boogie/Disco Classic 'Boy Where Have You Been' in 1983.

Seemingly another huge talent who dissapeared into obscurity, as a recording Artist in her own right ast least, until Label Super Disco Edits unearthed some previously unreleased recordings from 1980. The session was Produced by the mighty Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey which when combined with her incredible Voice makes for an unbeatable combination.

The track to see the light of day was the outstanding 'Put Love Back' released in 2017.

2021 sees a second release of equal stature 'Life After Love' doubling her entire catologue to four single releases! Each one essential!

Previously Unreleased Vinyl Only Release £10

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