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Thee Baby Cuffs

Some of the early trailblazers in the ever popular retro/lowrider Soul scene. This is their fourtn single and ever consistent deliver another killer possibly their best yet!

For this release they return to the wonderful label Raza Del Soul who put out their debut 'Where Did Our Pride Go' in 2017 a politically charged interpretation of the equally political classic Larry Saunders track 'Where Did Our Peace Go'.

They followed up with 'My My My' in 2018 and more recently in 2021 'You're My Reason'

Their new track 'How Could I Right All My Wrongs?' comes in two parts on side A and B. It has already sold out in the US these are the final copies brought to you from the same label and production team as the much sought after Dee Dee Simon 45.

Don't Miss this!

 Limited Edition Vinyl 45 £15

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