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The Royal Five

Philadelphia Soul group featuring Reggie Marshall, Jerome Marshall, Billy Stokes, Ronnie Stokes & Ben Durr. This is their most in demand of a hanful of releases. A long established  lowrider and sweet soul classic that continues to increase in price due to it's scarcity.

Demand has previously led to bootlegs however here for the first time we have an official reissue using the original master tapes. This limited press uses the discontinued teal green marvellum labels from the now defunct Hamlett Printing adds to its collecability.


This is the first on vinyl for the  previously unreleased full version of 'Gonna Keep Lovin' You' with an additional 3rd verse, also known as the long version. The OG fades the lead vocals out whereas this version has the complete take!


Plus as a bonus on the b-side available for the very first time The Royal Five Theme which is ostensibly the instrumental but hearing the music without the Vocal enables you to truly appreciate the beauty of the composition.

Two essential sides available exclusively in the UK with group photo included. So even if you are lucky enough to own the OG original you still need this. 

Don't miss out which much like the original is destined to become a much sought collectors piece.

 Limited Edition Release Vinyl 45 £20

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