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 Limited Edition Vinyl 45  £15

Johnny Ruiz & The Escapers

Hailing from the City of Sin, Las Vegas, first debuted in 2020 with a record titled "Stay" which bore two versions, a Rocksteady version and a Sweet Soul version, capturing a following from both Rocksteady and Chicano Soul collectors.

Their follow up, a Rocksteady/Ska record titled "Shame on Love" fell into obscurity after the releasing label folded.

Now signed to Parkside Records from their hometown return with a Chicano/Latin Soul killer that has already caught the attention of collectors and fans alike. 

Johnny Ruiz wrote “Oralia” in the grips of pain and loss. When a young man’s in love, sometimes it’s hard to let go. The dream of what “could have been” and the good memories that seem to mask the bad ones. Knowing you’re to blame but without the ability to accept it. Asking her to stick around when you know she shouldn’t. “I can’t believe the time would come when I would watch you leave!” Sometimes the only medicine are these rolas!

Johnny Ruiz's falsetto and harmonies put you in a trance while the Escaper’s horns and rhythm section got you on the dance floor with your elbows up!

The B Side 'Believe Me is an ode to the Escapers love of doo-wop and sweet harmony covering The Skyliners original.

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