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 Limited Edition Release £15

Shirley Jones

Limited Vinyl Only release of 'I Won't Tell' from her forthoming album paying tribute to her late sisters Brenda and Valarie together known as The Jones Girls.


'I have so many absolutely wonderful memories with my sisters Brenda and Valorie aka The Jones Girls. When we started this journey as kids singing gospel music as background singers for our mom Mary Frazier Jones , our goal was always to uplift people and make them smile and feel good. I miss them terribly . Since Brenda’s untimely tragic death I am on a mission to do a tribute album to them that encompasses well produced songs, with real life story lyrics , real instruments and beautiful harmonies that will make people smile and just Feel Good. This kick off single is a remake of one of my personal Jones Girl favourites Who Can I Run To? I wrote new lyrics to it. I will let my best sister friend Jean Carne Tell you what she thinks about it. Ladies and Gentleman presenting I Won’t Tell the first single from the Tribute album to my sisters titled In Loving Memory coming in 2020. Enjoy and please keep me in your prayers as I continue to work on the rest of this project to bring to the world to honour Brenda and Valorie Jones. Love and Blessings to you all.'  Shirley Jones

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